Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wedding Photography FAQ's

An FAQ can be very helpful in determining how to decide what you need for your photography.

(FAQ)How far do you travel?
My “home” area is in Wilmington,  North Carolina. However, I do travel for wedding photography in North Carolina, South Carolina or anywhere else in the US or overseas. I’ve worked up & down the East Coast for numerous weddings and am available for destination weddings or commercial work throughout the US or overseas.

(FAQ)How would you define your photography style for weddings?
I get questions like this a lot, and it’s a very good one!  I classify myself as a commercial artistic wedding photographer. This style allows me to stage those shots which greatly benefit from it (rings, details, portraits, etc) while still capturing the true emotion of the day. Whether you want formally posed shots or unobtrusive coverage, this style allows me the flexibility to capture all the emotions from your wedding day and more edgy & dramatic photos. With my background in magazine photography and event, I really enjoy using off-camera lighting to help add a dramatic flair to my work.

(FAQ)What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

(FAQ)I love your work! How do I book you for my wedding photography?

To book your wedding day, I require both a signed contract and a $450 retainer to hold the day.

(FAQ)What photography equipment do you bring to the wedding?

 I always bring a minimum of three camera bodies, multiple lenses, minimum three flashes, multiple batteries (for camera and flash), multiple flash cards and other miscellaneous items (lighting, tripod, lenses, etc). I want to make absolutely certain that any equipment failure on my part does not result in missed photography for you.

(FAQ)My venue requires photographers to have proof of insurance, do you have any?
Actually this is a great question! Wedding photography can be very unforgiving as its a one time event. I maintain three different types of insurance just in case the unforeseeable does happen. One is a general liability policy which covers any type of accident or misfortune which can be attributed to my presence (ex. someone trips over my light stand) Most venues require this of all vendors. The 2nd covers my equipment so if the day before your wedding, I have some equipment failure/loss I can immediately get replacement gear. The third is called errors and omissions. This covers me & you in the event of your photos were lost to some technical complication (ex. card failure or stolen camera).

(FAQ)Do you photograph in both black and white and color?
Yes, I take all my shots in color then convert to black and white after the wedding day. This gives me full control on the processing decisions and how best to bring out the “feel” in each shot. I use a customized B&W conversion process which gives my B&W photographs a very unique look and feel.

(FAQ)How far in advance should I book my wedding photography?
While it can vary depending on the couple, I typically get inquiries for wedding photography about a year or more from the scheduled date.

(FAQ)Do you offer wedding photography albums?
Yes I do. I work with an amazing company based in the US that specializes in high end, hand bound custom albums.  We work together throughout the wedding album design process to insure your final album is of the highest quality.  

(FAQ)What type of clothing should be worn for our engagement photography?
I feel it’s best to keep your engagement photography about you rather then what you’re wearing. I do advise my clients to stay away from clothing with busy patterns or words. Solid earthy colors work well especially with black and white photography.

(FAQ)When do we get our proofs and/or photos back from the wedding?
Your photos will be available for viewing no later then 6 weeks after your wedding date.  Most of the time I am well in advance of that time frame but I can get a bit backlogged in the busy seasons.

(FAQ)When should I schedule my engagement and bridal portrait photography sitting?
Engagement sessions are typically booked 6-9 months before your wedding date. Bridal portrait photography sittings are typically booked 1-2 months before your wedding date. Of course, this is just a rough guideline and the season or overall feel you want generally is most important.

(FAQ)When should I send my save the date cards?
According to the most popular etiquette sites, six months is plenty of time to send your save the date card for a domestic wedding.  If you are asking a lot of people to travel to the wedding location, especially for a destination wedding out of the country, eight months is recommended.

(FAQ)Is your engagement and bridal portrait photography done in a studio or on location?
I specialize in primarily on-location (indoor or outdoor) photography. However, I have a fully functioning photography studio which we can shoot in as well.

(FAQ)What do I need to prepare for my bridal portrait photography?
One of the first things you will need to do is contact your florist to order a bridal portrait bouquet for the day of your sitting. You should also decide on the location for your sitting; I would be happy to help you with this decision. I’ve found that bringing an old white flat sheet (to place under your dress if needed), plenty of water, straws, good friends or family and extra powder and lipstick will help! Wearing your actual wedding shoes can be a tough choice. If the ground is the least bit damp then it’s possible your shoes will get stained. For this reason I recommend bringing two pairs of shoes. Most wedding dresses are floor length so we won’t see the shoes anyway.  

(FAQ)Do you offer framing?
I maintain a selection of standard frame sizes in my gallery as well as work with a wholesale framer to offer a wide variety of both standard and custom frame sizes.

(FAQ)Do you include a USB with your wedding photography packages?
All wedding packages come standard with a custom USB of images.  

(FAQ)How can my friends and family see the wedding, bridal or engagement photography?
As part of my service, I post images onto a Wedding Photography Gallery for your review. Your friends & family can view these photos with a password (provided to you) as well as place an order if they like.